Lyra , Royal workers Oonah 


Date of birth: 12th February 2011 (size of the litter 5 male/2 female)

Parents: Jonny vom Miekenberg & Royal workers Honey Moon Angel

Withers: 60 cm 

Weight: 24 kg

Lyra has been living with us since 21st April 2011.

She is a daughter of Jonny vom Miekenberg and Royal workers Honey Moon Angel and we had her neutered in 2013.

Lyra is our first Airedale Terrier and as complete amateurs in cynology education, we soon saw that we had adopted quite a stubborn girl. It took us a while and regular visits to the dog traning classes until we understood Lyra better and discovered how willing to learn this breed really is.

At the same time we realized how difficult it is to find really good dog training facilities or a traning association. The inexperience of many „dog trainers“ for this breed was considerable. We looked for over a year and then luckily found the perfect place. We have now been working with our dogs for almost 4 years on the training ground of Weeze along with other Airedales from the area.

Lyra has become a very cuddly dog with a distinct pleasure for hunting.

Lyra has accepted Aries and Quirina who came to us as a puppy in the same loving way that she has accepted Louis, who came to us at two years of age. She is a very alert dog with a dark voice. At the moment she seems to be the leader of the pack and it remains to be seen whether Quirina will take her place one day.

Of course we love our crazy little girl despite her originality and hope to come a long way together.